daisy (o_daisy_o) wrote in isleofmists,

Reincarnation Scheme in Avalon Novels

I hope this community is still active, there's a thing I'd like to share here. I've found out that recently Diana Paxson published a definitive table content about the reincarnation-relationships in the Avalon novels.

The karmic aspect had always been my favourite part of the whole story, and I've always had a lot of fun in trying to guess the various incarnations. It feels strange to finally have an answer after so many years.  As for me, I've guessed some names, but others had been a total surprise. I was completely wrong.

My Speculations are here, (the links are at the bottom, since I've started this review before knowing that the "canon" scheme was out)

What about yours? Do you had more luck in guessing who was who?

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