musical_statues (musical_statues) wrote in isleofmists,

Hey Everyone

My name is Megan Morgaine. I'm new to the group, but not to the fandom. I've just started a MOA board if any of you are interested in joining. It's brand new, only a few hours old, so we need members. And for those of you who know how to work PSP or other photoshopping systems, if you register and submit banners to be used at the top of the page, I'll make you staff. I'll even try to give you access so that you can post the skins yourself.

Anyways, it's called The Isle of Mists, so come by and check it out. It's not much to see at the moment, but as soon as we start getting more members, things  will pick up and it will be a place you want to hang out.

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